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Tunnel at the End of the Light

by plainwhitetoast

NaSoAlMo 2009 winning entry

The playlist is my 2009 NaSoAlMo album,
Tunnel at the End of the Light

I procrastinated quite a bit on this challenge,
as I do with most things in life. I only started
working on sequences on November 20th.

All songs were composed and edited between
November 20 and 30, 2009.

Again this year, I used CodeMasters' MTV Music
Generator 2000 (Jester Music 2.0). I did some
final clean up of the WAV files in Nero WaveEdit,
and converted to 320kbps mp3 using iTunes.

I wrote some lyrics and had intended to record
computer voices reading them, as I did on last
year's album. I ran out of time in November.
I may still do a post-November pollishing of the
album and actually finish it more to my satisfaction
If I do, I'll keep the original "November" version
here, for reference.