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by plainwhitetoast

FAWM 2009 attempt

The playlist is my 2009 February Album Writing Month (FAWM) album,

I procrastinated quite a bit on this challenge, primarily due to the fact that Fallout 3 is such a great video game and has stolen most of my free time since I bought it.

I did "finish" several songs to my satisfaction, while others didn't quite make it by the deadline. I think I will keep working on them now that they are more than just rough ideas and are heading more toward arrangements that need lyrics.

So, procrastination... I didn't start really working on the album until last Monday, February 23rd, and then only in the mornings, before work. I took Friday off and wasted most of it playing FO3 and taking a nap. I worked thre rest of the night on the album.

I worked some omre on the album Saturday morning, played some FO3, took a nap... Jon came over around 6 or 7 and he laid down a bunch of guitar tracks. He left around 9 and I was up several more hours mixing.

It isn't quite where I want it, but is posted here, such as it is. I ordered the songs loosely by how complete they are, starting done to undone. They are still only rough . demo quality